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Dental Emergencies

5 Signs You Have A Dental Emergency

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It is not always easy to tell when you have a dental emergency on your hands and are in need of prompt dental attention. Are those aches and pains normal or are they a cause for concern?

So, just when is prompt dental care required? Take a look at the possible scenarios below.

5 Signs You Have a Dental Emergency

  1. You Have a Painful Toothache

    A more obvious sign of a dental emergency is if you have a painful toothache.

    More minor toothaches can typically be treated at home (at least temporarily), but you will need professional dental care in the event of a more severe toothache. Not only receive much needed pain relief, but to also determine the underlying cause of the toothache in the first place.

  2. Your Tooth is Loose

    Simply put, it is rare for adults to have a loose tooth and as such, a loose tooth needs prompt dental attention.

    There are several potential causes here; for example, perhaps you have a tooth injury after being in a car accident or after being involved in a sports-related accident.

    In either of these cases, it’s still important to visit your dentist immediately to ensure that you don’t have nerve or jaw damage, which does not necessarily cause immediate symptoms (you will likely be in a lot of pain as well).

    Another cause for a loose tooth is a localized infection. Any of the above cases, however, warrant a more immediate trip to the dentist.

  3. Numbness

    Many people experience a toothache for a period of time and then find that the pain goes away. What follows is potential numbness or an inability to feel anything at all. While you might think that your toothache is fine, unfortunately this is not the case.

    It could actually mean that the infection has progressed to the point that you have an abscess close to a nerve. If this is the case, a root canal may be the next step.

  4. Swollen and/or Extremely Painful Jaw

    Having a swollen jaw with or without extreme pain also warrants a trip to the dentist. While a swollen jaw could be just a pimple, it could also mean a tooth or gum infection.

  5. You Have a Metal Taste In Your Mouth

    Lastly, if you have a metal taste in your mouth, it’s important to seek prompt medical attention.

    Typically, this means that you have a broken filling. However, failing to replace a broken filling can lead to having to get a crown or a root canal, so it’s important to seek prompt dental care to prevent this.

If you are in need of a dental emergency services and would like to schedule a same-day appointment, you can contact Metcalfe & Cooper Family Dentistry by calling 613-604-4846 or by clicking here. We have been providing affordable dental services for more than three decades.

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